• High quality 2D modern laser for steel cutting up to max 15 mm, aluminum up to 10 mm, copper up to 6 mm of thickness, depending of required cutting quality, the laser workspace is 1500 x 3000 mm
  • High quality cutting of all sorts of steel and waterproof materials with 0.5 – 150 mm thick water jet the largest size boards 2000 × 3000 mm, with a high quality cut with no errors or debris
  • Hydraulic shears cutting up to 12 mm thick and 3000 mm long metal sheets
  • Cutting and bending up to 0.60 mm thick and 6,000 mm long metal sheets
  • Bending up to 15 mm thick and 3000 mm long metal sheets
  • Bending of all kinds of profiles
  • Bending of metal sheets in the mantle diameter of at least 250 mm, up to 3 mm thick and 2000 mm wide metal sheets
  • Straightening materials at a pressure of 60 tons, dimensions 500 x 3000 mm