In the last number of Monitor I have presented to you the largest light machine supplier, and in this issue I will briefly introduce you to the largest supplier co-operative of welded constructions, Metal workshop Šimić d.o.o from Belišće.
Metal workshop Šimić was founded in 1999 as a craftsman with two employees, and in 2010 it has grown to d.o.o. and employs 25 workers. Today, after 16 years the company has 42 employees and is 100% privately owned by Mr. Dario Šimić. This story began in the 1990s, when Branko Šimić, father of the Metal workshop Šimić owner, worked as the manager of the metal workshop in the Machinery factory. Like most sons do, Dario as well, moves his father’s footsteps, but in his own way. At the age of 23 he decides on his own business venture, establishes the company and starts his career.
Metal workshop Šimić, with the great help of HFB, sells its services of welding constructions all over the world. By 2008, Metal workshop Šimić was dealing exclusively with construction metal and was transformed into a serious company dealing with welding construction and becoming a supplier of HFB. With HFB production growth grows Metal workshop Šimić too, which fully complies with all market requirements, world standards and HFB standards in welded construction. With constant improvement and modernization and the enviable capacities and certifications that it possesses; ISO9001 and ISO14001 – Environmental Management, the leader is in excellence compared to other suppliers of welded constructions. The company has many valuable machines, and with the aim of optimizing, increasing production and quality levels, they have decided to make the company’s largest investment, purchasing a water jet blasting machine, water cutter. 1.5 million Croatian Kuna worth investment was in the 50:50 ratio, financed by own funds and funds obtained through the Entrepreneurial Impulse (Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts).
This year the company has moved from the Economic Zone of Belišće to the former Pilana, just next to HFB. Finally, I would conclude this article by saying that Metal workshop Šimić is more than a supplier to HFB; it is a partner that is distinguished by quality, respect of delivery time and flexibility.